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    • Product reviews - guns, accessories, clothing etc
    • Demonstrations - "Let's shoot some shit"
    • Interviews
    • Instructional / Training
    • Home Defense
    • Politics / The LAW (i.e. License to carry)
    • Gun Shows
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    • Law enforcement
    • Military
    • Hunting
    • Movies/TV - reviews and discussions
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    • Prepping
    • Bloopers
    • Tactical - "Black & White"
    • Non-lethal
    • Ammo
    • Orgs (IDPA, NRA)
    • "Stories of War" / His-story
    • Scenarios: What would you do?
    • Girlz, Gearz, and Gunz
    • Quick segments:
      • Safety tip of the week
      • Featured product of the week
      • Person of the week
      • Just the facts
    • "The Strip Club" - gun/product cleaning & maintain
    • TOP 3
    • Tactical airsoft / Paintball gun
    • Pawn Shops & Guns


    Broadcast Cable shows aired

    Gun Control & GunRights (Talk Show)

    Few issues within the American public arena strike as strong a chord, and illicit as passionate of a response as the right to bear arms. Across the political and social spectrum voices clamoring for greater government control over access to guns as a means to diminish gun violence, clash with gun rights advocates who point to the Second Amendment as a fundamental right to be preserved, that empowers the individual and his/her own security, which in turn can act as a deterrent to mass shootings. If there is one point of consensus within this hotly contested debate, is that the alarming increase in the rate of mass shootings can no longer be ignored and it demands immediate action. Proposed solutions are diverse, ranging from the federal ban on assault weapons, the clamping down on the access of guns through enhanced criminal and mental illness background checks, the closure of the "gun show loophole," and greater oversight in the glorification of violence in the entertainment industry, to an actual increase in gun access, a stronger push for concealed carry laws, and elimination of "gun free zones" by having armed guards in public spaces. Each of these proposals spark fundamental questions that strike at the core of our social and political fabric, which within the political realm often equates to being categorized as a "non-starter" issue. On this episode of Inside Outlook, we bring together these divergent voices for a civil discussion to address these questions, and to explore inroads towards a lasting solution.Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.

    The Gun Shop (Documentary)

    Behind-the-scenes with the staff and customers at Freedom Firearms gun store in Battle Creek, Michigan.


    Nothing divides America more than their constitutional right to bear arms versus the merits of gun control. As the right to walk in off the street and buy a gun continues to be fiercely debated in the run-up to the US election, this film captures the role they currently play in so many people's lives by placing a fixed-rig of cameras inside a small, family-run gun shop in Michigan. Documenting the many and varied customers who come through the shop's doors, the film will reveal insights into the relationship that everyday Americans have with their guns that go beyond the gun-toting stereotypes. The film will introduce some strong personalities, humour and warmth to this critical issue, whilst exploring all sides of the debate. British audiences will instantly recognise the familiar characters in the shop-owners and customers and routines of shopping in a local store - but the products on sale will be shockingly different.

    NRA’s Guns & Gold

    National Firearms Museum experts Jim Supica and Phil Schreier examine firearms brought to them by the owners and reveal the guns' histories and values.

    Future Weapons (Documentary, Action, Crime)

    Host Mack checks out the latest and greatest in Military defense--and offense, and introduces the bizarre characters that spend their lives inventing new ways to obliterate the enemy. Big guns, smart bombs; no weapon is off-limits.

    Son’s of Guns (Reality TV)

    Will Hayden runs Red Jacket, the nation's most unique weapons business. From guns to knives to swords to cannons, Will sells, trades, buys, builds and customizes them all. When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or re-stringing a bow to hunt swamp gators, he can be found in his Louisiana Bayou shop swapping gossip with his customers that range from housewives to members of the SWAT team. Will, his daughter Stephanie, and the rest of his crew, race to keep up with the demands of their clientèle and turn out top notch weapons. But whether it's having a lunch break shooting contest, going on a nighttime bayou bow fishing trip or field testing a fully automatic M2 .50 caliber machine gun, viewers will catch the Red Jacket team always finding time to have some fun.

    American Guns (Reality TV)

    Centers on the Wyatt family where patriarch Rich Wyatt, wife Renee, and his step-children. The family runs Gunsmoke Guns in Colorado where they specialize in gun manufacture, trade, customization, and instruction.

    Top Shot (Reality TV, Sports)

    Sharp shooters compete in situations based on historical events.


    Sixteen marksmen with various specialties and in various lines of work come together for a season long competition. They compete in both team and head-to-head competitions with a wide variety of modern and historical weapons. One shooter is eliminated from the competition in each program.

    Top Gun (Reality TV, Action, History)

    Games show where contestants complete marksmen related tasks to eventually be crowned top shot